Why use Mushroom Compost?

  Our Mushroom Compost is a slow release organic fertiliser used for soil improvement and mulching.   What does Mushroom Compost comprise of?   Our mushroom compost come from Mushroom growers and consists of hay, straw, corn cobs, hulls, horse and poultry manure. Once the mushrooms have sprawn mixed in, it is steam pressurized to kill weeds and other harmful agents.  

Protect your soil this winter with our Wood Mulch

  Our Wood mulch provides a variety of benefits to ensure your soil is protected right through till Spring.   Why apply Wood Mulch? When Wood Mulch is laid at an average depth of 80mm during the colder months; moisture evaporation slows, leveling the soil temperature. By giving the soil a protective layer, it improves the soil structure enhancing the soil fertility.   Is it a good week suppressant?    Under 80mm of Wood Mulch, weeds will have difficulty emerging through.   Is it good for the environment?   Wood Mulch is a great recyclable product, going back into the garden instead of landfill. The variety of wood and bark within the mulch creates a diverse environment for soil organisms. When it no longer looks its best, it can be worked directly into the soil.     Call today to order your Wood Mulch

The benefits of Topsoil for your landscaping projects

The benefits of Topsoil

When looking to create beds, borders, raised beds, bases for lawns in your garden or landscape you need to ensure the soil you use is high in nutrients and organic matter. The problem with some natural soil found in the garden is that it can be nutrient poor or  even non existent and contain many weeds.

If you are serious about achieving great results then our British certified topsoil also known as best sandy loam, sourced from the sugar beet fields of East Anglia is the material you should use. It is among one of the best topsoil’s in the country , free of contaminants and it is easily worked.

Buy your Topsoil  in bulk bags or loose (over 7.5 tons min) today.  From only £72 a bag (incl. VAT and delivery)

It’s the first day of Spring! Lets get your garden healthy with our planting compost

Why is Spring one of the best times for compost application?

Spring is one of the best seasons for using compost as the conditions are best  for encouraging a large population of beneficial soil microorganisms whilst controlling harmful microorganisms. This means heathlier plants that are able to resist pests for vegatable gardening, herb gardening, flower gardening and organic lawn care.

Why should I apply compost?

Applying compost at least two weeks before planting allows the compost to get acquainted with the soil.

How much Compost and what mix will I need for my garden requirements?

Compost for new beds and new lawns- you may want to apply more compost to soil which is low in organic matter (few inches for the longevity of the bed.

Compost for maintenance- apply less then a quarter of an inch on top of your soil each year.

Compost for potting mix- an ideal mix for potting would be: 1/3 compost    1/3 sand     1/3 soil

  Use our Online Calculator to work out the quantity needed of our Organic Planting Compost   If you require a mix, please do call us on 01825 840440 so we can mix to your exact requirements.  

Jobs to do this Winter – Mushroom Compost

What is Mushroom Compost?

Mushroom Compost is a slow release fertiliser with high organic matter. It’s made up of a variety of organic materials used by mushroom growers, including straw & hay, hulls and manure. The mix of compost can vary dependant on grower, who may sometimes use other organic materials such as peat moss, soybean meal or gypsum.