It’s the first day of Spring! Lets get your garden healthy with our planting compost

Why is Spring one of the best times for compost application?

Spring is one of the best seasons for using compost as the conditions are best  for encouraging a large population of beneficial soil microorganisms whilst controlling harmful microorganisms. This means heathlier plants that are able to resist pests for vegatable gardening, herb gardening, flower gardening and organic lawn care.

Why should I apply compost?

Applying compost at least two weeks before planting allows the compost to get acquainted with the soil.

How much Compost and what mix will I need for my garden requirements?

Compost for new beds and new lawns- you may want to apply more compost to soil which is low in organic matter (few inches for the longevity of the bed.

Compost for maintenance- apply less then a quarter of an inch on top of your soil each year.

Compost for potting mix- an ideal mix for potting would be: 1/3 compost    1/3 sand     1/3 soil

  Use our Online Calculator to work out the quantity needed of our Organic Planting Compost   If you require a mix, please do call us on 01825 840440 so we can mix to your exact requirements.