Introducing DFL Concrete! Your local volumetric Supplier- 10% off in May!

Due to popular demand we now also supply volumetric concrete to the trade and public, delivering to East and West Sussex and to the West Kent area. Call us today on 01825 840440

What is Volumetric concrete?

A volumetric  mixer concrete truck contains the concrete materials plus water to mix concrete on site. Once the strength and quantity have been determined the mixer will produce the exact concrete needed.

What are the benefits of a Volumetric Concrete?

By only paying for the exact quantity needed, it makes it more economic for you- pay for as little as  one cubic metre!

What are the benefits of Concrete Landscaping?

Durability- concrete is known for being a long lasting product, able to endure extreme temperatures without sustaining cracks. Nor does it get weakened by moisture, pests or mould.

Create borders- concrete provides an excellent border for long-term structural support, weed suppression and a neat finish to your landscape.

Economic Value Advantage- concrete provides an attractive and appealing addition to you house and garden, making it attractive to prospective buyers should you choose to move.

Varieties- concrete can be unique and it can have personalised designs.