Protect your soil this winter with our Wood Mulch

  Our Wood mulch provides a variety of benefits to ensure your soil is protected right through till Spring.   Why apply Wood Mulch? When Wood Mulch is laid at an average depth of 80mm during the colder months; moisture evaporation slows, leveling the soil temperature. By giving the soil a protective layer, it improves the soil structure enhancing the soil fertility.   Is it a good week suppressant?    Under 80mm of Wood Mulch, weeds will have difficulty emerging through.   Is it good for the environment?   Wood Mulch is a great recyclable product, going back into the garden instead of landfill. The variety of wood and bark within the mulch creates a diverse environment for soil organisms. When it no longer looks its best, it can be worked directly into the soil.     Call today to order your Wood Mulch